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Maps & Leadership Coaching
I help individuals discover increased
understanding, possibility, beauty, and personal capacity through maps and one-on-one coaching.

I am excited you have joined me here; let's explore together! I invite you to explore further the work that I do—described in the statement above and detailed below.

  • I — Hi! I'm David Glassett. I love the power of connecting with others, and my purpose is rooted in faith and family. I'm curious about the world around me; that leads me to be a bit of a road trip junkie and to do a lot of reading. My wife and I home school our children and have found a lot of joy in that process. I've been making maps professionally for 15 years and coaching for more than three years.

  • help — Self-discovery is, to me, one of the most powerful methods of learning. Maps and coaching are all about self-discovery! Search a map to find new insights and places; search yourself to find greater resilience and strength. My joy is to be a resource to aid that self-discovery process.

  • individuals — The power to change and grow is real for anyone at any stage of life. The individual, however, has to make the decision to be ready for it. No one else can do it for them.

  • discover — Discover implies that the something we seek for already exists; we need to make the journey to find it. Maps have long been tools of discovery, and coaching is one of the strongest tools of personal discovery I know.

  • Increased — We all start from somewhere. Our goal is to be a little better day-by-day. Even two steps forward and one step back is an increase! Maps and coaching are powerful guides to that process.

  • understanding —  Knowledge is skin-deep. Understanding gets to the heart. Maps and coaching can certainly increase knowledge (What is the capital of Armenia? What stops me from exercising greater self-discipline?). However, my goal is to help others get to understanding—the place where true change happens.

  • possibility — The world is full of possibility! Maps showcase the wonder of the possibility. What is the question that cartographer's are asked most often? "Haven't all the maps been made already?" The answer is no, because there is no end to the possibility in exploring the world and how we see it. Similarly, coaching helps individuals see the huge possibility in themselves, their goals, their strengths, their relationships, their organizations, and the world!

  • Beauty — Beauty is just waiting for us to recognize it. As we see it and breathe in deep gratitude for it, we are personally enriched with greater contentment and increased ability to see more beauty. It's a positive, reinforcing spiral. Maps reflect the beauty of the world and strong visual design. Coaching elevates our ability to see beauty all around us, including the beauty of connection, listening, self-discovery, and personal accountability.

  • And Personal Capacity — We can all do something. As we choose to engage and increase that capacity, we find fulfillment and connection. Maps increase capacity to see the world with a fresh view and to take in something a little different that we hadn't noticed or understood before. Coaching opens the floodgates of personal capacity. Your vision is sharpened and your motivation strengthened.

  • Through Maps — I love maps! I love how we still explore the world through this medium. I made maps as a child. I spent hours looking over National Geographic maps, road atlases, and a free world map I got in third grade. I dreamed of becoming many things through the years—baseball player, firefighter, baseball player, zoologist, baseball player, actuary. In high school I settled on the dream of becoming a cartographer. That one stuck. :)

  • And One-on-One Coaching — My journey to coaching happened as I connected with a group of like-minded people who cared deeply about personal well-being, growth, and resilience. Come to find out, many of them were coaches and they encouraged me to learn more. I quickly learned that I had a skill and passion in helping others in this way.

I invite you to reach out (see contact below). Stick around and see the maps and learn more about coaching. You can also check out my blog for more about what's going on in and around Peaceful Valley Maps!



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