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Peaceful Valley Maps provides several coaching packages to fit a variety of budgets. David is a certified leadership coach with the International Coach Foundation through the accredited coach program at George Mason University.

What is coaching?

Coaching is like a map to new horizons. Maps open possibilities: places you don't know, roads you haven't taken, new ways of thinking and being. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut: the same decisions, the same processes, the same outcomes. Open new roads working through your own coaching journey!

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for those who are seeking to:

  • Solve difficult problems.

  • Improve communication.

  • Grow leadership skills.

  • Promote efficiencies.

  • Increase business.

  • Manage time better.

  • Find personal satisfaction in work.

  • Prepare to change careers.

  • Examine profitability.

  • Strengthen relationships.

What is the role of the coach?
  • Provide a safe space for exploration.

  • Ask questions to elicit different perspectives.

  • Ensure confidentiality.

  • Provide an accountability structure.

What is the role of the client?
  • Be open-minded.

  • Provide honest, thoughtful answers to questions.

  • Come with goals or challenges that you'd like to address.

  • Keep scheduled appointments.

  • Be ready to explore!

What is the difference between a leadership coach, a business coach, and a life coach?

Different types of coaches use the same self-exploration and self-development process with their clients but have a focus on different client needs. I specialize in working with clients who want to grow their leadership qualities, whether that is in business or their personal life.

Is coaching the same thing as consulting or counseling?

Coaching is different from consulting, counseling, and mentoring.

  • Consulting hires someone to solve your problems and do the work for you. Coaching inherently belives you have the capability to solve your own problems and accomplish our goals.

  • Counseling works through issues from the past that may affect you today. Coaching is forward-looking. While some past issues may arise from time to time, that is not the primary focus.

  • Mentoring pairs you with someone who has experience and knowledge in an area of interest, and you glean insights from them. Coaching partners you with someone dedicated to your growth, ready to help you explore and arrive at your own personal insights.


Interested? Want more information? Contact me: david@pvmaps.com


  • 45-minute sessions

  • Four- or six-session options

  • Post-session email summary


  • 45-minute sessions

  • Three- or six-month options

  • Up to two sessions per month

  • One quick-coach session per month

  • Post-session email summary

  • Suggested readings


  • 45-minute sessions

  • Three- or six-month options

  • Up to three sessions per month

  • Face-to-face first session

  • One quick-coach session per month

  • Post-session email summary

  • Suggested readings

  • Assessment and review