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Looking for a Scenic Adventure? Release of New, Premium Motorcycle Route Maps

I am really grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a new line of maps for those who like to get outdoors: Moto-Recon maps. Moto-Recon is a company whose main goal is to get people outside. They’ve just released (in time for the holidays!) their first four route maps. Two are dubbed “Adventure Routes” suitable more for dual-sport bikes and overlanding. The other two are “Road Tour Routes” suitable for cruising bikes and fantastic road trips.

What sets these maps apart are the amazing and unique routes, crisp attention to detail, points of interest along the way, on-the-ground route checking, and availability of both hard-copy and digital routes.

Amazing and Unique Routes

Based on the East Coast, Moto-Recon’s first release of maps are all east of the Mississippi, including through the mountains of the northern Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and West Virginia, circumnavigating the Chesapeake Bay, around elk country in the Allegheny Mountains of northwestern Pennsylvania, and along the great Ohio River and through the rolling farm country of southern Ohio. All routes have the perfect blend of rural driving and small town (or even major city) interaction—a feast for both the technical and the aesthetic rider.

Northern Shenandoah Valley and Allegheny Mountains are the two routes labeled Adventure Routes. They don’t leave any rock of adventure unturned: tight and twisty mountain roads interspersed with bold straightaways. The routes include dozens of miles through the George Washington National Forest and Allegheny National Forest, respectively. The icons on the orange Adventure Route covers make clear that these are intended for dual-sport and overlanding vehicles. With numerous route options available on each map, you can go for a short ride or plan the entire 350+ miles of adventure.

Chesapeake Bay and Southern Ohio are the first routes released as Road Tour Routes. These are for the open road cruisers—whether you prefer it on a bike or in a car. Both routes feature a taste of the water, with miles and miles along the Chesapeake Bay and Ohio River. Each route has two different loop options with total mileage coming in at more than 900 miles for Chesapeake Bay and 600 miles for Southern Ohio.

Crisp Attention to Detail

Each map is full of interesting and useful detail that will make your ride much easier. Here are just a few of the features that will stand out as you use the maps.

Route Labels

Each route but Northern Shenandoah Valley has several clearly labeled options. Northern Shenandoah Valley has a few variations that are possible once you get up into the mountainous George Washington National Forest. Each route is a bold orange line that’s easy to follow. Along the route, riders have both street names and route numbers to ensure they’re on the right track. Also listed are the distances in miles between each turn, with a black arrow indicator at the turn.

Background Map Information

The planned routes are marked very clearly by the strong orange highlight, but the maps go far deeper. For those who like side trips, both the Adventure Route maps include their respective state’s scenic highways, indicated by a smaller yellow highlight. All maps include other major and secondary roads in order to orient yourself or get around, while the Adventure Routes provide a detailed road network that’s set perfectly in the background of the map so as not to be obtrusive. All maps are draped with a beautiful terrain that provides a feel for the hills and mountains riders will encounter. That terrain is colored with satellite imagery, giving an immediate sense of forest (darker green), agriculture (yellow-green), and built-up (brown/tan) areas.

Printed Material

These maps are durable. They’re printed on waterproof, tearproof material that will stand the test of time. Hey, it could even double as an umbrella, plate, or shade fabric, if you need.

Points of Interest Along the Way

One of the fantastic features of the maps are the points of interest that are scattered throughout the routes. All maps feature gas stations that sell ethanol-free fuel to keep your bike running in tip-top shape. Also featured on the maps are campsites, places to eat or grab a coffee, fun activities, scenic views, historic sites, resorts, and information centers. The adventure routes specifically highlight local repair shops as well, in case your mountain adventures get a little too rough. Each of the points of interest has their name, address, and phone number listed, so they’re easy to look up for further information. In addition, the map is gridded by letter and number, so if you see a point of interest in the table that’s, well, of interest to you, you can easily find it on the map.

On-the-Ground Fact Checking

These routes aren’t just somebody’s good idea of a ride. They have each been ridden multiple times by Moto-Recon to ensure they are accurate as well as fun to ride! Tried and tested is the name of the game.

Hard-Copy and Digital Routes Available

The hard-copy maps are available on Moto-Recon’s website for $21.95 each (currently on sale for $18.95). They are all 29 inches by 21.5 inches and fold down to a nifty 3.6 inches by 7.5 inches. These are great in pre-planning for laying out on the table and getting the whole of the idea and then tucking into a pocket during the ride and pulling out for directions, points of interest, and so forth. Each route is also available on the Moto-Recon app, which can be downloaded for either Android or Apple. The app is free to download, and each route is a nominal fee. Once the route is loaded, you have turn-by-turn directions in the palm of your hand.

Whether a dedicated dual-sport rider or a hit-the-open-road kind of rider, Moto-Recon’s newly released line of Adventure and Road Tour Routes has something for everyone! They’re available for purchase directly from Moto-Recon either in print or through the app. I’m looking forward to what new routes will be coming!

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