US Geography

Elementary Level

Welcome to your Elementary US Geography curriculum aide! This aide is geared toward younger learners (ages 11 and younger).

Follow the Table of Contents below to the different content sections. Each section contains maps, worksheets, and links to outside sources for further learning and exploration!

If you prefer a hard-copy experience, click here to download and print your own copy in PDF form.

  • States and Capitals

  • Time Zones

  • Major Landforms

  • Water

    • Rivers​

    • Watersheds

    • Dams and Reservoirs

    • Great Lakes

  • Area Comparisons

  • National Parks

  • Weather

    • Average Precipitation​

    • Summer Temperatures

    • Winter Temperatures

  • Natural Disasters​

  • Regions

  • Land Use and Land Cover

  • Cities

  • Population Density

  • Transportation

    • Road​

    • Rail

    • Airports

    • Sea ports